Re-designed canvases


We’re re-designing other people’s PDFs. Most of them don’t have dynamic fields (at least not when we made them a few years back). In the re-designed version you can save text in the PDFs. The enhanced graphics is just a bonus.

– Business Model Canvas

We re-designed a PDF Canvas by Business Model Generation. For a long time the original Business Model Canvas PDF been without dynamic fields.


We also designed a so called Splash Evaluation for Business Model Canvas. Find out more about theses splashes and how to use them in the menu. Worksheets/Splash Evaluation.

Business Model Canvas Splash

Download the Business Model Canvas Splash.

– Business Model You

We re-designed a PDF canvas from Business Model You who based their canvas on Business Model Canvas. Similarly to BM Canvas, the original Business Model You PDF been without dynamic fields.



We’ve made a PDF template for SWOT analysis. We’ve been using it in workshops printed out on A3 papers together with the MethodKit A5 for Projects. SWOT is one of the cards in MethodKit for Projects. For you to have as a complement to your stack of cards.


      Re-designed: Download & try.

    • SWOT (In English)
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