Warning WARNING: Low quality printing, uneven cutting and thin papers might result in an unfulfilling user experience. These things are essential as they make pieces of paper feel like actual objects. Thick paper is the most important component.
This is the creative commons version of MethodKit for Workshop Planning.
1. The Cards

The cards in English are released under the Creative Commons licence: CC-BY-ND. Your free to print them and test the shit out of them! (Easiest way to print them is to scale them to A4 and then print 9 per page and cut..

Other languages available (Beta):

Please check the source code file if you find errors in the new translations or if you are willing to translate to your language!

2. The Checklist
The checklist is a one page overview of the things you need to think about. Download here. Released under the (CC-BY-SA) licence.
3. The Canvas
The canvas is a one page overview of the things you need to think about that you can print and fill in. Download here (Beta). Released under the (CC-BY-SA) licence.
4. The Splash Evaluation
The Splash is a way to visually compare how far different people in the group think you got with planning the workshop. Download here (Beta)
5. The Source Code
Source code (Plain text list) that MethodKit for Workshop Planning is built on will be released with a different licence (CC-BY-SA). Many people translated the kit to their language, feel free to add a translation if you want to see a CC version of the cards in your language.

This kit is the first creative commons kit we release. We started an organisation called MethodKit.org for this. If you want to support the development of open source resources, let us know!

Don’t forget to surf in on our new site: MethodKit.com

If you have any questions just send a mail back! Also, we would love if you share MethodKit for Workshop Planning to others.


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