3 tools for planning workshops

Great workshops take a lot of planning, energy and well… work! To help you create great workshops, we have released 3 ‘meta’ tools to help you on your way, no matter where you are going.

Workshop planning and facilitation can at times feel overwhelming. The 3 tools we have created are aimed to be as useful to experienced professionals as they are to people new to running workshops and just starting out. The tools will help you in all kinds of workshop formats, not only when MethodKit is used. Download them for free and good luck!

The kits

MethodKit on Workshops

This kit helps you build a timeline for your workshop. Each card represents different exercises along with card mechanics.

Kit of Kits

Think and discuss which kits to use in a workshop. Understand the different kits and how they can be of use. This is free to download and print.

MethodKit for Workshop Planning

Plan & structure workshops to suit your needs. Talk about details and the big picture. Workshop everything from improving nations to making passion projects.


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