23 decks of cards to plan & develop everything from projects to cities

The kits are analog tools designed to summarize topics of all kinds – everything from personal projects to urban planning. Each kit is a collection of cards covering the most relevant elements, actions and aspects of a specific topic. By giving you a visual framework upon which you can build conversations, ideas and visions, the kits help you to structure your thoughts, understand each other and collaborate more easily.

The kits help you see the big picture and the details at the same time. For example, in MethodKit for Projects, each card represents elements common to all projects ie. goals, budget, roles & responsibilities, team, time frame, meetings, target group, vision, deadlines and evaluation. Having the elements in front of you allows you to prioritize, process and discuss what is most important to you.

Using a 10-meter table to map Sweden today and where we could end up in 2048.

Strengths of MethodKit

Conversation starters

Use them to ignite conversation. Discussion & debate are more important than the tools you are using. The kits become an interface and a bridge between people without demanding too much attention.

Guides to complexity

Use them to see the big picture. It does not have to be complicated. The kits allow you to move effortlessly between multiple scales, from tiny details to whole systems and back again.

Structured & flexible

Use them to find the sweet-spot. The kits provide space for thinking & discussion, without pushing you in a certain direction. They are the sweet-spot between structure and creative chaos.

Ways to use

Below are three examples of how the cards can be used. Explore How to use for many more examples.

Start and discuss the scope of projects.

Map & define with post-its.

Use Game boards to work through every card in the deck in an effective way.

The kits

Below are our tools that belong to the FOR category explained in this article.





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