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MethodKit Architecture Bundle is a collection of 5 framework kits in large/A6 format, perfect to have on hand in the office or educational environment. Use them to explore, discuss and better understand the places we live, work and play in. The bundle gives you the opportunity to work with standalone kits on specific projects, or to combine them all to create dynamic workshops, ideation sessions and citizen dialogue processes.

MethodKit for […] are frameworks. Architecture bundle frameworks summarise relevant elements of architecture at different scales, like a checklist in card format. Each card outlines an important topic with an icon and a short description. They can help you define and develop multiple projects, as well as assign responsibilities within a group, allowing you to focus on what really matters.


MethodKit Architecture Bundle contains 5 framework kits in large/A6 format (same size as the Encyclopedia). The kits been developed over the past 4 years, together with partners and experts.

Included framework kits in large/A6 format:


Designed to be used at all scales from grand projects to small interventions, MethodKit for Cities offers a visual overview of the most important elements, actions and aspects that make up the fabric of a city, to things like how to refurbish a kitchen. Use it to create a common language in citizen dialogues, to explore new areas with project partners or just to think deeper about the cities & buildings we live in.

Different examples how the kit can be used:

  • As a tool in architecture & urban design offices. Use the kit in the studio environment to align colleagues, consultants and clients. Use it to create future visions and scenarios or as a research tool and checklist. How do new developments fit into the existing urban fabric? What are your priorities? Did you forget any important perspectives?
  • As a tool for schools & universities. Use the kit as a checklist for school projects — what elements are strongest? Are there any parts of missing? Encourage students to embrace complexity and design in real world contexts. Encourage conversation and debate by having students prioritise the cards — why are some building blocks more important than others? How does this change with time?
  • As an educational tool for citizens. Use the tool to help people understand different aspects about cities and urban planning, using different perspectives and lenses. Knowledge is power.
  • As a planning tool between architects, the city and its citizens. Use the tool as an interface. We made a tool that have a easy to understand language without dumbing down the underlying concepts of the city. We want people to sit at the table, take part, and feel comfortable in understanding and sharing ideas.
  • As tool for data collection. Use the tool should be used for data collection. Can you give each card a value to create an inventory of local areas? You could ask citizens, friends, neighbours what they value in their local area. When it comes to the kits for kitchens & bathrooms it’s about conversations with your clients on the different aspects on how to build or refurbish their apartments.

Check out more general examples of how the cards can be used in workshops, at our How to use page or Cards in action. You can also read more about our thoughts on urban planning in our article The building blocks of the city.


MethodKit for Cities is one of five kits in this bundle.

MethodKit for Cities

DETAILS (Large/A6 size)

Number of cards: 320
Size (WxH): 168x110mm, rounded corners
Paper: Matte lamination on heavy paper 350g/m3
Packaging: White box. Same height as a standard pocket book.
Included: Matte coated sticker, folded instruction sheet

The Bundle ships with FedEx.

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