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This bundle contains 35 kits. Are you looking for the even more Complete collection, including our Labs kits? Check out MethodKit All (51 kits) instead.


“An encyclopedia is a type of reference work or compendium holding a comprehensive summary of information from either all branches of knowledge or a particular branch of knowledge.”

The Encyclopedia is the ultimate aid in creative workshops and a tool for creating effective meetings. A collection suitable for teachers, colleges, libraries, consultancy firms, conference rooms, R&D departments and creative agencies. The kits been developed over the last 6 1/2 years, together with partners and experts.

MethodKit(s) are tools to spark discussions. Flexible tools for exploring vast number of subjects and areas. Framing knowledge and help you sort information and thoughts rather than providing you with the ‘right’ answer. It’s the encyclopedia for the 21st century. Something that helps you explore projects and process information. The encyclopedia is dead, long live the encyclopedia!


MethodKit Encyclopedia contains 35 decks, optimal for education, workshop organizing and facilitation of discussions. Of course, you can also use them for individual work.


Versions of the Encyclopedia

We offer two different versions of the collection.

The Small

The Small Encyclopedia

It isn’t smaller when it comes to a number of kits but rather less bulky. It’s also a more economical choice than the Classic collection.

MethodKit for […]
MethodKit for […] kits are delivered in a small format.

MethodKit for […] (cont.)

MethodKit on […]
You will get this kit in medium format.

  • Workshops Make agendas & timelines for workshops

MethodKit with […]
You will get the MethodKit with […] kits in the medium format.

MethodKit with […]
You will get this kit in large format.

The Classic (Large)

The Classic Encyclopedia

This is the classic. What more can we say… The format has the benefit of being visible on distance or on a wall but the convenience of being portable and not taking too much space laid out on a table during group discussions.

MethodKit for […]
All MethodKit for […] kits are delivered in a large format.

MethodKit for […] (cont.)

MethodKit on […]

You will get this kit in medium format.

  • Workshops Make agendas & timelines for workshops

MethodKit with […]
You will get the MethodKit with […] kits in the large format, except one.

MethodKit with […]


The MethodKit for […] are frameworks that summarize the relevant parts of one specific field, like a checklist in card format. Read more how these can be used in our article on How to use MethodKit.

MethodKit for Marketing & PR is an example of this.

MethodKit for Marketing & PR


The MethodKit with […] are libraries of different things within a specific category. These types of kits are good to use for idea development. Read more here.

MethodKit with Trends is one example:



Selection cards. There are also one kit that is used in in a slightly different way which is MethodKit with Selection Criteria. It contains grids and scales for selecting and assessing ideas. Read more about that in our post about Selecting ideas.

MethodKit with Selection Criteria


Number of cards: 1623
Size (WxH): 168x110mm, rounded corners
Paper: Matte lamination on heavy paper 350g/m3
Packaging: White box. Same height as a standard pocket book.
Included: Matte coated sticker, folded instruction sheet

It’s possible to pay this kit through invoice/bank transfer. Send us a mail (in swedish or english) to

The Encyclopedia ships with FedEx.

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Classic (Large), Small

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