MethodKit for Podcasts


61 cards that help you develop and produce great podcasts.

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MethodKit for Podcasts (available in 18 languages) was made in collaboration with DW Akademie.
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Have you ever had a great idea for a podcast but didn’t know where to start? We’ve created a tool to help you develop and produce podcasts. MethodKit for Podcasts makes it easy to have good and important conversations about podcasting and allows you to see the details and the nitty gritty while at the same time giving you the big picture of your podcast.

MethodKit for Podcasts contains 61 illustrated aspect cards, each with a key aspect that helps you develop, structure, define and even evaluate your podcast. The cards support you every step of the way but importantly they do not provide you with answers. They help you to raise questions, focus on the essential parts that every podcast needs and collaborate together with the same understanding. We believe that the cards make things so much easier.


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MethodKit for Podcasts can be used in a range of different situations. Some of the cards will be more relevant for you than others and you choose the ones that your project needs. They’ll serve as a roadmap as you prioritize and focus on what you need for your podcast. You can use them on your own, to figure out a particular aspect or you can sit down with others to visualize the big picture. Whether in face-to-face meetings on the table, in a brainstorming session on the wall or online – you decide how you use the cards and how they move you and your podcast forward!

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