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All, Todo, Alles, Tudo, Complete, Tous, 모든, Alla.

MethodKit All contains each of our (publicly available) kits.

This collection is the ultimate aid in creative workshops and a tool for creating effective meetings. A collection suitable for teachers, colleges, libraries, consultancy firms, conference rooms, R&D departments and creative agencies. The kits been developed over the last 8 years, together with partners and experts.

MethodKit(s) are tools to spark discussions. Flexible tools for exploring vast number of subjects and areas. Framing knowledge and help you sort information and thoughts rather than providing you with the ‘right’ answer. It’s the encyclopedia for the 21st century. Something that helps you explore projects and process information.

The package

MethodKit All contains all of our 51 kits, optimal for education, conference rooms, workshop organizing and facilitation. Of course, you can also use them for individual work.


Above you see some of the kits from the MethodKit All Classic.

Each kit contains…

  • A stack of matte laminated cards printed on heavy paper
  • An instruction sheet
  • A small MethodKit sticker
  • A white cardboard box

In your order, you also get online access to the Advanced Facilitation Guide, where you can find everything from general facilitation advice to hands-on tools like gameboards, grids and worksheets.

Kit sizes
The kits exist in different sizes. These are:

  • Small (~A8)
    84x55mm (similar to a business card). Recommended for working by yourself or with a small group.
  • Large (~A6)
    168x110mm (similar to the screen size on an iPad mini). Recommended for large groups. Medium is more versatile in most cases.
How to use

There are numerous ways to use MethodKit, see more at How to use.

MethodKit All Small

MethodKit All Small

It isn’t smaller when it comes to number of kits but less bulky. It’s better for travel and if you don’t have a big office. It’s also a more economic choice than the All Classic collection. This is the size we use in 90% of workshops, especially when we use many different kits.

The kits are Small (~A8), 84x55mm (similar to a business card). Recommended for working by yourself or with a small group.

Two kits in the bundle will be of medium size (MethodKit on Workshops and MethodKit on AI).

MethodKit All Classic

MethodKit All

This is the classic. What more can we say.

The format (A6) has the benefit of being visible on distance or on a wall but the convenience of being portable and not taking too much space laid out on a table during group discussions.

All kits except the Whiteboard cards (small) and MethodKit on Workshops (medium) are delivered in large A6 size,

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