Our kits

Our 51 card decks make it easier to work with everything from small projects to urban planning. From brainstorming in meetings to creative planning sessions.

Below we categorized the tools into different categories for easy overview.

Kits for mapping and planning

These kits contain the shared language and concepts we use when we talk about a topic or subject. We call these MethodKit for…


57 cards to define and develop all types of projects.

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Professional Development

66 cards to find direction in professional life.

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Team Development

65 cards to align teams and discuss how you work and progress together.

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Personal Development

56 cards to understand ourselves and find direction in your personal life.

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Organizational Culture

61 cards to build good culture within organizations. NEW

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Workshop Planning

60 cards to discuss and plan how to conduct workshops.

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Lesson Planning

62 cards to plan and design engaging lessons & courses.

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Service Design

65 cards to discuss how to build and develop services and experiences.

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Product Development

65 cards to design and develop everything from hardware to digital products.

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64 cards to build and design better brands. NEW

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55 cards to create campaigns that people notice. NEW

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Cultural Literacy

59 cards to discuss and understand different cultures. NEW

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Public Health

59 cards to discuss health on population level.

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Gender Equality

61 cards to discuss and improve equality within organizations. UPDATED

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Society and Politics

145 cards to discuss the society in which we live.

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Web Development

55 cards to discuss and project manage development of websites.

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Behavior Design

52 cards to understand and create behavior change.

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App Development

53 cards to design and develop apps.

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Service Design in Hotels

58 cards to develop and enhance the guest experience.

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Partnerships and deals

63 cards to shape and define partnerships and close business deals. NEW

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Sustainable Organizations

67 cards to discuss and improve sustainability within organizations. NEW

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59 cards to build your startup and discuss business development.

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Organizational Memory

66 cards to define and store how the organization works. NEW

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61 cards that help you develop and produce great podcasts. NEW

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Kits for workshop planning

The fundamentals for structuring your own workshop. See these as the foundation of which you can build the most rewarding discussions, collaboration and learning moments.

Workshop Planning

60 cards to discuss and plan how to conduct workshops.

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84 cards to make agendas and timelines for workshops.

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Kits for brainstorming and design sprints

These are collections of building blocks for ideation. They can be used as fast and effective tools in hackathons and sprints. We call these MethodKit with…


100 cards to work with trends and tendencies that shape the world and its communities.

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120 cards to work with tech devices, APIs and sensors.

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Business Models

68 cards to work with business models & value generation in organizations.

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Human Needs

63 cards to discuss, understand and ideate around human needs.

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100 cards to see the world from ‘all’ perspectives. NEW

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Future Skills

63 cards to discuss skills needed in the 21st century.

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Global Challenges

63 cards to discuss and think about the challenges we face.

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68 cards to discuss what your work and efforts can result in. NEW

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Communication Channels

150 cards to discuss and understand how to reach out. NEW

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53 cards to raise awareness about privileges and norms.

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50 cards to relate concepts and ideas to different places.

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50 cards to relate concepts and ideas to personas.

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Kits for working with architecture and cities

These kits help you see and understand the space around you. Whether it’s in your home, your neighborhood, city or society.


112 cards to understand the cities we live in.

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68 cards to understand and discuss neighborhoods.

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68 cards to work together to create great places. NEW

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Cities at Night

68 cards to understand cities after dark.

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60 cards to design the journey and the destination. NEW

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Kitchen design

59 cards to design and refurbish kitchens.

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Bathroom Design

60 cards to design and build better bathrooms.

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67 cards to design great homes.

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Besides the standard formats, we also have a selection of lab kits. These can be used for multiple purposes or target specific subjects depending on your needs.


68 cards to help you talk about topics in focused & specific ways. NEW

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Selection Criteria

52 cards to select, sort and assess ideas.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

67 cards to help you explore AI capabilities & develop ideas. NEW

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Stack of Cards for Projects

57 cards to discuss and make projects happen.

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50 cards to to discuss and plan weddings.

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Global Goals

58 cards to discuss the global challenges we are facing.

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Oracle for Projects

Never complete answers but the questions to get on track.

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Whiteboard Cards

50 paper cards covered with (re-)writable whiteboard surface on both sides.

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Kit sizes

Most kits exist in at least 2 sizes.

Small (~A8), 84x55mm (similar to a business card). Recommended for working by yourself or with a small group.

Medium (~A7), 126x82mm (similar to the screen size of an iPhone X). Recommended for working by yourself or with a group.

Large (~A6), 168x110mm (similar to the screen size on an iPad mini). Recommended for very large groups only. Medium is more versatile in most cases.

MethodKit All

Get all of our 51 kits with a hefty discount. A collection suitable for teachers, workshop facilitators, colleges, libraries, consultancy firms, conference rooms, R&D departments and creative agencies.

How to use

Understand how the kits can be used in workshops and tips and tricks for optimal use.

The concept

Learn more about our concept and the ideas behind it.

Kits from A to Z

Explore the kits in a list from A to Z or explore if the kits exist in your language.


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