MethodKit on AI


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MethodKit on AI was made in collaboration with 33a.


We wanted to create a kit that provides a helping hand in understanding AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing fast and changes more and more areas of our lives, often without us noticing. Instead of being an observer, this MethodKit puts you back into the driver’s seat. It is for anyone curious about AI, no prior AI technology knowledge necessary.

Examples of cards included

The package

Each kit contains…

  • A stack of matte laminated cards printed on heavy paper
  • An instruction sheet
  • A small MethodKit sticker
  • A white cardboard box

In your order, you also get online access to the Advanced Facilitation Guide, where you can find everything from general facilitation advice to hands-on tools like gameboards, grids and worksheets.

Kit size
The kit exists in…

  • Medium (~A7)
    126x82mm (similar to the screen size of an iPhone 7/8). Recommended for working by yourself or with a group.
How to use

There are numerous ways to use MethodKit, see more at How to use.

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Medium, A7