Above: Inner yard seen from our office. Old town, Stockholm

About MethodKit

MethodKit is a think tank founded by Ola Möller in 2010, with the initial mission to “democratize creativity”. We conduct research on how we talk about and collectively categorize different topics and disciplines. Last 8 years, most of our work has been focused on turning research into practical tools for co-creation.

Five pillars

When we started we just felt the urge, without knowing why. 10 years later we learned to see the patterns.

We design tools that are servants, not masters

We make tools that help you find your answer. We provide you with the map and compass, it’s up to you where you want to take it.

We want to encourage transdisciplinary thinkers

We want to make it easy to work with all types of topics and subjects. Citizens should be able to take part in policy-making, teachers should be able to play a role in re-designing the school.

We want to democratize tools

Experts, expensive universities and big corporations don’t want you to actually get it. They understand the topic but seldom want to share the global overview or provide you with the tools needed. 

We want to facilitate change

We want to help make the world a better place. That affects what tools we decide to develop and put our hearts into. From kits that help you understand privilege and societal norms to tools for discussing global challenges.

We believe complexity should be easier to untangle

We love cards because they represent bite-size pieces of a topic that otherwise would be hard to take on all at once. Tools help us put enough things on the table so we can navigate difficult waters.


We are a small core team at MethodKit. The collaborator network is extensive and 200+ people have been working with us over the last years. From experts and facilitators to translators.


Our first big project that we started 2011 was called Project of How (now dormant), with support from the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Ministry of Culture. The aim was to create a searchable bank of methods around creativity. The search function and the way of categorizing methods later became an inspiration for similar toolboxes, like Hyper Island Toolbox (2015).

After Project of How we were tired of creating and printing workshop material over and over again. After a big effort to research and do interviews around project management, MethodKit for Projects was released late 2012. Since then 20000+ of hours have been spent to perfect the process we use to create and verify kits on different topics.


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