MethodKit for Society & Politics


145 cards to discuss the society in which we live.

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Our society & the current politics are what ultimately shape our daily lives. Some policies help people blossom, some might push you to the curb. Our idea was to make a tool that helps us discuss the complexity of the society in which we live, how everything fits together. MethodKit for Society & Politics allows you to address the society of tomorrow, by providing you with the tools to start to imagine it together today.

MethodKit for Society & Politics contains 145 illustrated aspect cards, each with a key perspective that allow you to understand society from all sides and viewpoints.



The icons have been crafted with usefulness and simplicity in mind. They are representations of the different parts of a nation.


MethodKit for Society & Politics can be used in a range of different settings.

  • In Schools to discuss societal development and how society works
  • In parties to develop the party platform or develop new political motions.
  • In companies to think about how society could develop and what that would mean for you business.
  • It can be used as a tool for discussing ideology
  • In NGOs to talk about how the organization aims to address, change & fight for different things in society.
  • In design fiction / speculative design workshops (we been using the kit to develop products and think about possible realities in 50 years time).

Also, check the Download page to check useful grids and game boards that work well together with this kit.

Picture from a workshop about Sweden now & 2048. (The cards on the picture are small sized and will be released in March.)

Explore How to use MethodKit in general.

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