Splash Evaluation

The Splash Evaluation is a way to visually describe & evaluate projects/startups/apps.

  • Print it out to indicate how far you’ve gotten with your project regarding different aspects.
  • Do it yourself or in your project group. When we use it, everyone have their own sheet. First, the individuals in a group think and put down their own opinions before we sharing in the group. This way it’s possible to see and discuss how aligned the group are and what needs to be done next.



      Task Evaluation

      The Task Evaluation is a way to visually evaluate tasks to be able to weigh their importance.


      Business Model Canvas

      We also designed a so called Splash Evaluation for Business Model Canvas. Find out more about theses splashes and how to use them in the menu. Worksheets/Splash Evaluation.

      Business Model Canvas Splash

      Download the Business Model Canvas Splash.


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