The Oracle for Projects


Never complete answers but the questions to get on track.

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We call this kit The Oracle for Projects. The kit is released as a part of the Lab series where we experiment with different card formats that don’t fit under MethodKit for […] or with […]. 


Who is the Oracle?

  • The Oracle always asks questions (and sometimes mumbles).
  • It is philosophic, sometimes random, sometime on point.
  • The Oracle is not objective. (It’s still wise…)
  • Sometimes the voice is direct, sometimes dispersed.
  • The questions that the Oracle poses can be asked in all walks of life, not only in projects.
  • With the other kits, we worked hard on keeping our personal views & mental coloring out of the equation. The Oracle is here to be more personal, deep and opinionated.

They can be used with the other kits. It’s adaptable and flexible. The look is similar to the other kits, but the Oracle cards are instead having color on white, this to easier be able to use it together with other kits. The kit is not a researched and verified framework as MethodKit for […]. It still contains important questions and is more personal & philosophic and less controlled than the other kits.

The Kit



The cards



Small pieces of the Oracle was included in the first kits we released 2012. Both MethodKit for Projects and for Personal Development contained three cards that was called Tips & trix. When version 3 of the kits was released, the old cards went away leaving space for a more scientific and complete idea of the frameworks that focused on the verified elements only. But the Oracle was still on our minds. The card Explain it to your grandmother, is probably the most photographed card of all our cards, marking the importance of the Oracle. This release marks the return of the Oracle wildcards.

How to use it

  • Use random card to bring up new perspectives
  • They can be used to explore and help unfold aspects of different areas/fields.
  • Used alone to discuss projects you working on. Use it as a project coach. It can be used in project management as well as building visions and strategies.
  • Use it together with MethodKit for Projects to get even more help to explore and deep dive into your project based on a validated and well researched framework.

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