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MethodKit Brainstorming Bundle contains 6 decks in A6 format, especially suited for the hackathon & idea mashup format. It has been argued that new ideas essentially are new compositions of already known bits and pieces, and that the capacity to bring these elements into new combinations largely depends on your ability to see relationships. The combining of cards from our different libraries will allow you to do exactly this.

We been testing the new A6 format since summer 2013. We think it’s optimal format to use in education, facilitation and lead group discussions with. The A6 (or iPad mini) format has the benefit of being visible on distance or on a wall but the convenience of being portable and not taking too much space to lay out on a table during group discussions.

A conservative estimation of the possible card combination would be around 128,5 billion at the lowest, but that’s only the case if all decks are used.

MethodKit Brainstorming Bundle


The MethodKit with […] are libraries of different things within a specific category. MethodKit with Trends is one example:



The kits can be used in many different ways.

Example 1.) Mashup workshops / hackathons

  1. Place the cards on a table. If you didn’t prepare cards/notes with building blocks already, conduct a small brainstorm around the different topics (tech/trend/human needs/personas/locations). A good idea is to use different post-it colors for the different categories.
  2. Discuss the different building blocks.
  3. Combine 2, 3, 4 or 5 cards. For example Technology+Trend+Location or Technology+Technology+Technology.
    Write down the idea on a post-it. Do this individually or in group.
  4. Combine again until good result is achieved or time is up.
  5. Refine and enhance the ideas you have come up with.
  6. Present the best solutions from each group to the larger group.

Example 2.) How trends and game-changers affect organizations

Using impact and preparedness on the two axis give you a way to understand how trends affect your organization and industry. The grid below combine Impact (on industry) + (organization) preparedness. (This can also be used with understanding with technologies or which human needs you appeal to.)


Mapping trends on a grid.
Organization Preparedness vs Industry Impact = Organization’s position regarding new trends.

  • Green area (strengths): High impact + High preparedness.
  • Red area (weaknesses): High impact + Low preparedness.
  • Yellow area (possible weaknesses): Low impact + Low preparedness.
  • Grey area (Possible strengths). Low impact + high preparedness

I suggest that you write up different trends that you have researched on different post-its or cards.

More examples


A6 cards
Number of cards: 448 cards, (50+63+120+100+50+68)
Size (HxW): 168x110mm
Paper: Matte laminated heavy paper 350g/m3
Package: Paper box.
Included: Matte coated sticker, folded instruction sheet

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