MethodKit with Business Models


68 cards to work with business models & value generation in organizations.

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In what ways does your project, product or business offer value and how do you make your money? MethodKit with Business Models is a library of 68 cards with value propositions, funding models & revenue streams. The deck helps you create, develop and improve business models and it gives you a standpoint to be able to talk about how to shape and improve your business or organization.

MethodKit with Business Models is a tool designed as an aid in discussions around modeling how an organisation makes money and what value you offer. The cards encourage creative playing and reshaping of ideas. Combine the business model cards with locations, trends, technologies and human needs to discuss how your business could be developed further. It’s designed to work with startups and businesses as well as NGOs and foundations.

The size of the cards is A6, in our experience optimal for business meetings, facilitation and arranging group discussions with. The A6 or iPad mini format has the benefit of being visible on a distance (e.g displayed on a wall) but the convenience of being portable and not taking too much space laid out on a table during group discussions.


Cards: MethodKit with Business Models


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MethodKit with Business Models can be used in your individual creative process as well as in business model generation workshops and hackathons. They work well in combination with our other kits. Though there are no rules, we have collected some examples and instructions for how MethodKit with Business Models can be used in the Hackathon post.


A6 cards
Number of cards: 68.
Size (WxH): 168x110mm
Paper: heavy paper 350g/m3
Coating: Matte
Packaging: Slick Paper box.
Included: Matte coated sticker & instruction sheet.

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English, English (Release March 20), English (Release May 3)


Large, A6, Small, A8, Medium, A7

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