MethodKit with Technologies


120 cards to work with tech devices, APIs and sensors.

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New ideas are essentially new compositions of already known bits and pieces. After participating in numerous workshops on idea development we have collected the most commonly reoccurring elements and features that new concepts normally consist of.

MethodKit with Technologies is a library of 120 cards with different aspects that can be combined into new ideas. With examples of sensors, APIs, components and devices, the cards can be used for designing hardware, Internet of Things concepts and new digital solutions. They encourage creative playing and reshaping of ideas.

We have been using a prototype that we called MethodKit for Tech Mashups in our own workshops for over a year. Convinced by the results we are now releasing it, in a new A6 format. We think it is optimal for education, facilitation and organizing group discussions with. The A6 (or iPad mini) format has the benefit of being visible on a distance (e.g. displayed on a wall) but the convenience of being portable and not taking too much space laid out on a table for group discussions.





MethodKit with Technologies is ideal for idea generating workshops and hackathons, but can also be used for individual idea generation and development of new digital solutions. The cards can be used in a range of different ways. Here are some examples and instructions for how MethodKit with Tech Building Blocks can be used in Hackathon format.

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