MethodKit for Behavior Design


52 cards to understand and create behavior change.

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MethodKit for Behavior Design was made in collaboration with Niklas Laninge, Arvid Jansson & Beteendelabbet.


We wanted to create a smart tool that highlights the most important bits and pieces of successful behavior design. It is hard to keep everything in one’s mind. Even if you do manage to reach an understanding, the rest of the team might not!

MethodKit for Behavior Design is a deck of cards that help you get a deeper understanding of your users or customers. It gives you an overview of the key aspects of behavior design and how to use those aspects to generate design efforts that will trigger new behaviors.

MethodKit for Behavior Design contains 52 illustrated aspect cards, each with a key issue or method that helps with defining and giving structure in Behavior Design. The cards become catalysts to accelerate the development process, they support you when you get stuck and provides your team with overview. We believe that the cards make things so much easier.



The icons have been crafted with usefulness and simplicity in mind. They are representations of the different parts of behavior design.


MethodKit for Behavior Design can be used in a range of different situations. Define your design project, get to the core of the problem you want to solve, identify barriers and motivators to create new design solutions. You can sort out what is important and discuss with support from the cards. Use them to in follow-up meetings, on walls, for making mind maps, to do evaluations, or with clients. We especially recommend using the cards in the beginning of any project where the goal is to make a large number of people perform a specfic behavior.

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