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We spent a couple of weeks in Athens, working with a few brilliant people to create a tool for self-organized refugee houses. A way to talk about everything that needs to be done to get a house up and running and everything that comes with that! Running each location is a big organizational challenge. The typical housing projects in Athens accommodate between 100-400 people. Resources are scarce and it operates on (more or less) a zero budget and is dependent on donations of food and supplies.

Big thanks to Lauren, Hussein & Eleni for making this project possible.




We made a (cheap to print) multi-lingual physical tool (with 71 cards) to provide structure in organizing refugee/migrant housing. 
  • Help people to collaborate around how to organize a house and all that comes with that.
  • A sign system for rooms & things in the house.
  • Using the cards on a dashboard to organize a community living together.
  • Facilitate (inter-cultural) communication between people speaking different languages (English, Greek and Arabic).
  • A tool to introduce people to what could and what needs to be done in the house
  • The design is made as a coloring book so kids can draw on the symbols making them their own along with having fun



We need your help to translate and proof a tool for refugee housing.
(If you want credit later, please write in your name, also good for us if we have questions!)



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