Post-its, cards & books

Cards are the modular/dynamic minimalistic sibling of books, and the parent to post-its. Providing a structure and rules to post-it’s. The cards (headlines) are like empty boxes that would contain post-it’s (content). Cards are the missing link between books and post-its.


Post-its and blank cards are good way to capture thoughts, ideas and content.

+ Adaptable
+ Good documentation
– Structureless


Cards can help structure thoughts/content. Good for overview of a field along with exploration of possibilities.

+ Modular & dynamic
+ Good for discovery
+/- No specific order
– Lacks content heaviness of books
+ No content overload in the same way as books


Books are good for narrative storytelling where things are told in a specific order. Books can tell the whole picture, even though it might take more time. On the negative side it’s not a tool in the same way as post-its and cards. 

+ Can hold a lot of content
+/- Sequencial & static
+ Good for stories


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