MethodKit Glasses for Idea Development


9 glasses that help you see ideas from different points of view

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We wanted to create a tool that makes you look good, is simple to use and helps you to develop ideas from multiple perspectives. Ideation can be tough and sometimes you just get stuck. Being able to collectively change focus not only helps the group to keep the momentum going, but it also helps you develop ideas better.

MethodKit Glasses for Idea Development contains nine pairs of glasses that you can wear, swap and share. Designed to be both physical and visual aids for group ideation, each pair of glasses contains a short instruction for the wearer and tips and tricks to help you develop your ideas.


There are many different ways to see and percieve the world. Put the glasses on, shift your focus and see how your ideas develop and evolve.


9 MethodKit Glasses (matte-coated heavy paper). Instructions can be found on the inside of each of the glasses.


MethodKit Glasses for Idea Development are designed for dynamic workshops and collective ideation exercises. Use them as an icebreaker, to activate group exercises, to maintain momentum and encourage equal participation. They won’t give you superpowers but they will help you see, explore and develop ideas from new perspectives and points of view.

Try them all and see how your ideas develop. Just don’t forget to take them off when the workshop is done!