MethodKit with Communication Channels


150 cards to discuss and understand how to reach out.

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Communication has radically change over the past few years. Gone is the read-by-all newspaper and the TV channel that everyone tunes into. The media landscape has become far more refined and thus demands a broader knowledge and understanding in order to reach out. While digital have taken over, we must not forget the analog channels and methods that are just as relevant and effective today.

Methodkit with Communication Channels is a tool for you to discuss and discover what is actually important for your communication strategy to be successful. The deck consists of 150 cards split in two; one part channels, and one part methods. Channels are the arenas where people spend time, it’s a mix of digital platforms and analog spaces. Methods are the carriers of you idea, it’s what you put in the channels. By combining the cards you generate new ideas, identify pitfalls and find your focus.

Designed to be used as a stand-alone tool, or in combination with other kits, MethodKit with Communication Channels helps you structure and prioritize your content strategy and helps you make sure that your ideas get heard.



The icons have been crafted with usefulness and simplicity in mind. They are representations of the different parts of a nation.


Designed to be used at all scales from creative agencies and big corporations to small business owners, MethodKit with Communication Channels offers you a visual overview of the channels and methods you can use to create your communication strategy.

A few examples of how the kit can be used:

  • As a planning tool for you communication strategy. Use the tool to map out what channels your target group spend time and where you have a presence. Cross reference to map out your future plans.
  • As a way to generate content ideas. Map out the channels you’d like to post in and use the methods to spark new ideas and formats to package your idea in.
  • As a tool to understand the complexity of communication and the amounts of platforms that exists.
  • As a tool for the small business owner. Handling the business can be enough to handle, use the kit to map out your communication strategy and make sure you focus on what’s important.
  • As a way to identify new arenas for your brand. Which things are the most relevant and impactful for your organisation or industry? Use the kit to map out new and potential channels for you to invest in.
  • For the creative industry. Use the kit to spark new ideas for you clients.

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