MethodKit with Privileges


53 cards to raise awareness about privileges and norms.

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MethodKit with Privileges was made in collaboration with StreetGäris.


MethodKit with Privileges consists of 51 cards that enables a discussion and awareness about how our different privileges impact us and how it can either be an advantage or disadvantage in a normative society.

The kit is a framework for dialogue, it will help you explore, understand and discuss. It’s important that the tool not only becomes something that helps you understand how the world functions, but rather becomes a starting point for change. The kit can help you to get started, but remember, real change takes time and need continual effort.


StreetGäris is a feminist intersectional organization and movement for women and non-binary who support, teach and inspire each other through empowerment, solidarity and community. Our mission is to be a movement of democracy advocates and to challenge and redistribute power in society.

The reason why StreetGäris decided to collaborate with MethodKit is simple. A great part of what we do in StreetGäris is to discuss and try to find ways to develop our own and other people’s view on norms and privileges. MethodKit with Privileges makes it easier for us to talk about important matters in a way that does not take too much power from the users. With the 51 cards, we can in a fast way illustrate the complexity of the matter and the importance to not get stuck in one part. Hopefully, the variety of cards and perspectives can give us more reasons to want to take more responsibility and understand one another instead of the opposite.

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MethodKit with Privileges can be used individually or in groups.

  • To discuss your privileges.
  • As a tool to educate yourself & your peers
  • To talk about discrimination & solutions
  • To discuss how to be more inclusive in organisations and workplaces
  • To come up with ideas how to create a more diverse & inclusive environment in projects and different settings.


A6 cards
Number of cards: 51
Size (WxH): 168x110mm
Paper: Matte coated heavy paper 350g/m3
Package: White box
Included: Matte coated sticker

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English, Swedish


Large, A6, Small, A8, Medium, A7

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